Racingpedalboxes designs and manufactures its own pedalboxes to develop functional products to guarantee maximum quality. The pedals have been created in detail to make them easily adjustable and configurable for each pilot and car, with a resistant and lightweight design. We have a variety designs to use in different types of vehicles, such as rally cars, drifting, circuit, carcross, formulas, student formula, cm, etc.

Our pedals help to improve the driving of the vehicle, especially improving the braking efficiency. Thanks of the system of double master cylinder with balance bar that incorporates the brake pedal, the car can be managed to increase the braking power. In addition, it is possible for the pilot to adjust the braking balance in function of the external conditions during the race, to perform a more effective braking which result is an improvement of the lap times.

The pedalboxes include a footrest to help the pilot to keep the feet in an optimal position during the race, therefore reducing fatigue due to vibrations, and improving the feeling on the pedals.

Take a look at our pedalboxes and you will be surprised of their excellent qualities!

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