A story from hobby to professional project

Back in 2007, while I was studying engineering at university, I discovered the Formula Student project and instantly knew it was meant for me. The idea of building a racing car ignited a passion in me. I had always been fascinated by cars, so I eagerly joined the project.

At first, I was completely lost despite my academic background, but I investigated into every piece of information I could find. Thousands of ideas flooded my mind, envisioning the car as if it were a Formula 1 racer. What fascinated me the most was the design aspect, and the ability to design unique pieces that could be assembled into a racing car!

After exploring various parts of the car like transmission, suspension, corners, etc., I eventually focused on the pedals. Searching for commercial parts, I realized there was a gap in the market. The components I found were not as I want, and the available ones were not good enogh and expensive.

After five years with the team, having designed and built multiple cars, I recognized that pedals were complex elements with numerous functionalities that actual brands weren’t incorporating. Following years of designing and manufacturing pedals for different types of racing cars (from rally to kart cross) and selling them to friends in the racing community, I decided to establish my own brand. This is how Racingpedalboxes was born.

The Birth of Racingpedalboxes

After several years of pursuing this as a hobby, I decided to take the jump and turn it into a professional venture, looking there weren’t many international brands in this niche. Our products would blend functional excellence with unique design.

Our differentiating values:

  • Unique designs manufactured for functionality.
  • Product innovation derived from experience.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of the drivers.
  • Functional pieces with a touch of style.
  • Quality materials for durability.
  • Ergonomic design for driving comfort.
  • Adjustable pedals for personalized functionality.
  • Robust structure for extended longevity.
  • Easy assembly and low maintenance.
  • Lightweight products thanks of use of multiple materials.

Innovation as a Competitive Tool

Innovation was as one of our core pillars. We aimed to leverage technologies to create products that met our customers’ needs and enhanced our competitiveness in the market. We firmly believed that innovation was vital for our long-term growth and success.

We spend resources to research and development (R&D) to stay current and explore new opportunities. By incorporating new manufacturing processes and lighter materials, we aimed to create innovative products that set us apart in the market. Attention to detail was our primary focus, ensuring durable and reliable products. Our customers recognized and appreciated this difference, trusting in us.

Cooperation Among Partners for Development

Collaboration with partners was a fundamental strategy for our development and innovation. Working together with other market players enabled us to achieve significant benefits. Partnerships allowed the creation and development of new products or joint solutions. This collaboration result was more comprehensive and competitive products, combining the strengths and capabilities of the different companies.

In essence, at Racingpedalboxes, we have a high goal to establish a brand with differentiating values in the market.

Are you ready to be a part of our journey?